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We are committed to sourcing the best quality for you and your home, that is why we choose Carey Glass. Carey glass is an independent glass processor based in Co. Tipperary. Their 50years + experience means modern facilities and equipment, advanced technologies plus their commitment to provide their customers with high quality, on-spec glass makes them the market leader for glass in Ireland.

  • A-Rated Planitherm & Diamant with warm edge Swiss spacer bar.
  • Insulated glass providing triple glazing of 0.8.
  • Triple glazing of 1.1.
  • Double glazing of 1.4.
  • Helps to eliminate heat loss.
  • Helps to eliminate heat gain in summer.
  • Helps to reduce energy consumption-means savings in the long term.
  • Optimal clarity.
  • Toughened glass for even more safety & security.

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All our products are produced in Ireland and are A-Rated Energy Efficient.

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