We fix most window problems

As your windows age they will require some repairs & maintenance to maintain best performance.

At Harris Windows & Doors, our experienced repair technicians are dedicated professionals ready to tackle any problems or faults. We repair most makes of windows & doors.

We also offer a maintenance service where we will apply oil & grease to your windows & doors to help maximise their lifespan & efficiency.

We repair most makes of windows and doors

The most common problems and faults relating to window & door repairs are:

  • Draughty windows
  • Hinges not bringing window tight against the frame
  • Broken window hinges
  • Broken glass (Glazing)
  • Loose or damaged handles
  • Glass foggy or misting between the window panes, (Replacement glass)
  • Repairing damaged windows or doors after break in
  • All types of patio repairs e.g. (Rollers)
  • Insurance claims
  • Door catching on frame
  • Locking mechanism not engaging with frame
  • Key not turning on one side
  • Replacing locks & keys
  • Replacing handles
  • Fitting of fire escape hinges
  • Child locks/Restrictors (See Safety & Fire Escape)

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